We have just completed a full year hosting wwoofers (willing workers on organic farms) from around the world, and we have thoroughly enjoyed the exchange of culture and food and fun. It has also been of great help to me on the farm with many of the wwoofers getting right into the work on the farm and really enjoying it. The initiative and enthusiasm shown by these girls and guys has been amazing. I do hope they continue to visit us and enjoy the farm work.

Some of the many jobs that the wwofers have been involved in are –
– Preparation of the sheep that we take to the shows and attending the shows.
– LAMBING (we need SUPER wwoofers for these few weeks)
– Feeding the many pet lambs
– Bringing the stock in from the paddocks (using the dogs and the 4wheel motor bikes),
– Feeding the horses and cleaning stables
– Lamb and calf marking
– Shearing
– Hay carting and stacking
– Collecting eggs, feeding the poultry
– Vegetable garden – preparation and planting and harvesting
– Collecting firewood for winter.
– Thistle chopping
– COOKING  – thankyou to you all, we love the food you cook.
– And the big one – being part of our family