The East Friesians were introduced into Australia in 1996, they are one of the oldest sheep breeds in the world, they are a PURE and true dairy sheep that originate from the German Dutch border. They are naturally docile, easy to handle and learn quickly. Their standout feature is their long rat tail – thin and naturally free of wool. They are a large framed sheep (ewes 75-95kg) with a pink nose and heads and legs clear of wool. Their white wool is approximately 32- 35 microns.

East Friesians are renowned for their fertility, it is not unusual to obtain 220% lambs from mature ewes and young ewe hoggets will easily lamb from 140 -160%

They are the worlds most productive milking breed, producing 500-600 litres in a 210 to 230 day lactation, the milk is rich and creamy and has twice the vitamin and protein content of cows or goats milk.

Their Attributes

  • Large body size (ewes average 75 – 90 kg)
  • High fertility – over 200% in mature ewes and 140-160%in 12-13 month hoggets
  • High milk production
  • Rapid growth rate
  • Leaner more acceptable carcase
  • No wool around the points, and naturally mulesed around the back end
  • Excellent mothers that do not leave their lambs
  • Non seasonal breeder
  • Wonderful temperaments, very quick to learn.


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